A limited liability company registered in Delaware , USA

Global Vision International LLC :

was incorporated in Delaware in the year 2008 to do business in project management, business development, project and facilities management, and financial and real estate related services.

The CEO and main partner of the company is Mr. Mousa M. Barakat who has a long high executive experience in banking, financial and real estate investment in Kuwait, Bahrain, USA and Abu Dhabi.

Prior to establishing his company, Mr. Barakat provided general executive management to a large company in Abu Dhabi that developed three large residential projects of a total of 800 villas. Additionally he participated in a master planning management of a number of large mixed-use projects including a ten million square meters residential and commercial property in Al Ein City, and a small island development that falls offshore Abu Dhabi City.

From 1988 until 2001, he was the President, Chairman, and Treasure of Interland Investment Corporation of Oregon and its subsidiaries that were engaged in property development, real estate sales, property management, and mortgage finance. The group was the largest real estate company in the Northwest of USA, doing business from 22 branch offices in Oregon and Washington States hosting more than 700 sales persons.

One of the subsidiaries was doing business as Prudential Northwest Properties, and until today is one of the major real estate companies in the Northwest market.

Other two subsidiaries were in the business of development and property management. Some of the large developments included Steam Boat Condominium community over the Colombia River in Washington State,  town houses community in Beaverton and a number of commercial, shopping and office strips in Portland.

Another successful subsidiary was Brightfield Financial Company that was active in the business of mortgage brokerage and financing. 

All subsidiaries and owned real assets were sold out for high profit margin in answer to the Kuwaiti shareholders decision.

Additionally, Mr. Barakat was the General manager of Arab International Development Company in Bahrain since 1980, and prior to that was a principal officer of Kuwait Real Estate bank.

Global Vision International LLC,

 has since incorporated expanded to do business in the Middle East from a temporary office in Amman, Jordan. The company participated in providing re-organization and management structures to a business group in Najran, made research and study for establishment of a computer technology university in Saudi Arabia, and participated with Global Vision Investment of Damascus in developing studies and research for a large hospital in Syria.

Additionally, Global Vision International LLC through its Global Vision International Academy is active in providing advanced training seminars and courses in collaboration with established strategic partners in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and United Kingdom. 



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