Hospital Project:

The proposed hospital would host a minimum of 360 beds (being 360 in-patient beds, and 35 ICU beds, as well an auxiliary section with at least 30 beds for patient rehabilitation).

Therefore, a new and thorough strategic business plan aiming to prepare a high-level business case, will be conducted, exploring the feasibility of establishing a minimum of 35,000 Square Meter private healthcare facility that would offer a selected number of the hereunder medical specialties and related surgery:

-          Cardiology and cardiovascular

-          oncology

-          Plastic and cosmetic surgery

-          General surgery

-          Emergency Medicine

-          Family Medicine

-          Internal medicine including sub-specialties

-          Neurology and Microsurgery

-          Obstetrics & Gynecology

-          Orthopedic Surgery

-          Otolaryngology (E.N.T.)

-          Pediatrics

-          Urology


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